Who wouldn’t want to learn more about politics, political science, and political theory? And how it’s taught at the university level?

That’s why you’re reading this blog, right?


You typed in the wrong URL and ended up here?

Well, never fear: this is a reader-friendly site. Poke around for awhile, steal borrow whatever information you want (tho’ a hat tip is always appreciated), and if you’ve got something worthwhile to say, then say away.

And if you want to get into contact with me?

My office has moved—again—to 357 Carman.

The Political Science Department office, wherein I have a mailbox, is in 358 Carman.

E-mail: I can be reached at terri [dot] peterson [at] lehman [dot] cuny [dot] edu

Text/phone: Y’all have that on the syllabus. Remember: late night is okay, early morning is not.