Pol 166 Voter registration readings

Allrighty, the final set of online readings:


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Pol 166 Civil rights readings April 24 & 26

The first piece looks at party support for civil rights in the 1960s, while the rest of the short pieces are focused on SNCC as an organization:

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Pol 166: Readings for April 17-19

A few readings, and couple of short video clips:

There are other clips from Freedom Riders worth checking out, too.

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Pol 166: Civil Rights Readings April 10-12

Here are the next set of readings, a mixed bunch of articles, photos, and cartoons; most are fairly short (1-2 pages), although some are a bit longer.

And while I’m only pulling two editorials about the sit-ins from the Greensboro Public Library archive local newspapers, I strongly recommend perusal of the various articles, editorials, and letters contained therein.

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Pol 166: SNCC Readings March 27-29

Here are the first set of SNCC readings; I’ll post the reading for the following weeks. . . in the following weeks:

Julian Bond, SNCC: What We Did
Greensboro sit-ins, others: Read ‘Greensboro sit-ins (Feb)’ and ‘Sit-ins Sweep Across the South (1960-64)’
SNCC Founding Statement
SNCC Founded (April)
Gallup poll on Freedom Riders, pp. 1-2

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Pol 341: Videos!

Hello, all.

Here are a couple of videos in lieu of Monday’s class; we’ll (try to) incorporate the issues raised in these vids into class discussions.

The Battle Over Abortion in Northern Ireland (12:56):

Inside Mississippi’s Lone Abortion Clinic (15:40):

Sosan’s story: Domestic violence in Afghanistan (12:32):

How India’s female untouchables are fighting back (16:56)

Laura Carlsen on the progress and peril of women in Latin America (9:24):

The African Woman and Politics, part 4, Naja’atu Mohamed (9:28):

LSE Middle East Centre, Elif Shafak (5:34):

And while these are  NOT required, they’re both worth a look.

The first is a short documentary on Latinas in the US, and gets at, in an everyday way, some of the issues of intersectionality:

Latina Confessions: Documentary Trailer (15:58)

PBS Makers V2: Women in Politics (52:41) covers some of the same ground as Collins’s book, and offers a nice, if somewhat bland, overview of women in American politics:

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Leh 355 Bioethics: Videos!

NOTE: You have until May 18 to leave a comment.



For those who want an extra point or two, go ahead and comment/ask a question in the comment section, below; I’ll respond on this site.

Also: feel free to respond to the questions/comments others or I leave!


As promised, the three videos (and links back to YouTube, in case they disappear into the ether) to anchor a discussion (TBA).

The first two are specifically about bioethics, while the third is a CNN video about a deaf football league. Each of the videos is less than 15 minutes long.

Introduction to bioethics, bioethics at the bedside:

Bioethics and the human body:

Deaf football team: (vid won’t load, so just click on link).

Bonus vid: bioethics & justice:

Happy viewing!

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