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Pol 150: Global warming, fracking

About the global warming pieces. . . . James Inhofe argues that there is little evidence for human-caused global warming, but the overwhelming consensus of scientists (see this short piece) is that global warming is real, and a real problem. … Continue reading

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LEH 300: Online required readings

As noted on the syllabus, some of the readings are available online. You can find them either through the links listed under ‘Bioethics sites & docs‘ or directly, below: Belmont Report Department of Energy Human Genome Project Information: The science … Continue reading


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LEH 300 Bioethics (SSII09)

Required books: Suzanne Holland, Karen Lebacqz, & Laurie Zoloth, eds. The Human Embryonic Stem Cell Debate, 2001, 9780262582087, $27 Liza Mundy, Everything Conceivable, 2008, 9781400095377, $15.95 You will also be assigned readings from the National Bioethics Advisory Council and the … Continue reading

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