Culture & politics & everything else

This is simply a page of miscellaneous sources and readings you might find interesting.

Office of Legal Council memoranda: legal opinions authorizing torture

Additional OLC memoranda, made available through the ACLU

Mark Danner’s April 2009 NY Review of Books article on the International Committee of the Red Cross’s torture report; here’s the ICRC’s report itself.

Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse (Ireland) homepage.

Polygamy in Canada: Legal and Social Implications for Women and Children, November 2005

Jessica Mack, January 2011, Could Polygamy Be Good for Women?

Gene Sharp, at the Albert Einstein Institution: From Dictatorship to Democracy  and 193 Methods of Non-Violent Action

UNIFEM, Who Answers to Women: Progress of the World’s Women 2008/2009.

Martin Browning, Pierre-André Chiappori, and Yoram Weiss, Family Economics, January 2011


Looking at the electronic journals section of the library and freaking out? Omigod, how do I even know where to start?!

Here’s a handy-but-by-no-means-complete list of relevant journals. You can access these by going to the Lehman library website, clicking on “E-journals” link, then typing in the title. Many journals have more than one way of accessing its archives—click on whichever suits you. You’ll be prompted for your username and password, then will be directed to that journal’s page. You can either read articles online, print them, or download them on to your computer (or, if you’re at the library, thumb drive). Easy-peazy!

If you’re looking more generally, you can also go to JSTOR (click on the “Databases” link on the library web page, then on “JSTOR”, then “Browse by Discipline”) for more options.

In any case, here’s a very brief list of journals to get you started.

  • American Journal of Political Science
  • American Journal of Public Health
  • American Journal of Sociology
  • American Political Science Review
  • Asian Affairs
  • British Journal of Political Science
  • Canadian Journal of Political Science
  • Comparative Politics
  • Development in Practice
  • Foreign Affairs
  • Foreign Policy
  • Gender and Society
  • Global South
  • International Journal of Politics, Culture, and Society
  • International Studies Quarterly
  • Journal of Politics
  • Political Behavior
  • Political Psychology
  • Political Research Quarterly
  • Political Science Quarterly
  • Political Theory
  • Review of Politics
  • World Policy Journal
  • World Politics

Lastly, don’t forget to scavenge the notes and references of articles for more sources!


For a list of sources specific to bioethics, click on the “Bioethics sites & docs” page for more information.


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