American politics & culture

Updated February 16, 2014

Want another way to learn about politics?

Check out these short, clear, pithy videos on various aspects of American politics by CGPGrey:

You can find even more of his videos on Grey’s Blog—including an explanation on Santa!


This isn’t a history website, but there are bits and pieces of American history that are absolutely worth noting, especially those dealing with the long march to include everyone in the promise which begins We the people. . . .

Thus, various sites on civil rights & liberation of all kinds, with links to key documents within:

And here’s the Racial Dot Map, based on the 2010 census. It takes a long time to load, but once it does, you can zoom in to get a pretty close shot of your (or any) neighborhood. (Further explanation of the Racial Dot Map here.)


Given the role of the economy in our political culture, here are a few articles and sites that address those political-economic issues.

Also, you’ll note all of the links running down the right side of the page, many of which are related to American politics; check them out, and if you have any good sources which you don’t see here, shoot me an e-mail and I’ll add ’em.

Blogs on political science, by political scientists (& those who take pol sci seriously)

Blogs/sites on politics and culture:

Blogs/sites on economics & political economy:


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