More news, and whatever (228, 266)

A coupla’ more stories:

William Saletan, on IVF legislation. Note that I’ve added his blog, Human Nature, to the list.

The White House is planning a series of regional meetings on health care refore. Here’s a link to a NY Times blog on the initiative; note the links embedded within the story.

This story, about disabled women in Kenya at risk for sexual assault, comes from the Women’s International Perspective (yes, I’ve added this link, too), via Feministing.

This from Ha’aretz, on director, feminist activist, and devout Jew Avigail Sperber, about her new film, Halakeh, and her desire to bring together her sexual identity and her religious beliefs.

Numerous post-ers at Ultra Violet (in ‘Blogs’ section, at right) note that attacks on women in Mangalore and Bangalore, India, are continuing. Activists have planned a number of rallies and various other protests in support of women’s liberty and equality

Ha’aretz also has this story about the Lod Community Development agency, which is attempting to build bridges amidst the multiculti tumult in the city. The director of the LCD, Aviv Wasserman, is hoping that dialogue between the various Israeli, Arab, Beduoin, and immigrant communities could help lift Lod out of poverty.

Gutmann and Thompson want to deepen democracy through dialogue; could it also serve as economic uplift?


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