Breast wars! (228)

Here’s the Atlantic Monthly story about breastfeeding which I mentioned (briefly) in class; be sure to watch the accompanying set of videos.

Oh, and here’s the info on the article I mentioned, on religious sensibilities keeping one out of ‘the public’: Nomi Stolzenberg, ‘He Drew a Circle That Shut Me Out: Assimilation, Indoctrination, and the Paradox of a Liberal Education,’ Harvard Law Review 106, no. 3 (January 1993):581-667.

*For those of you unfamiliar with the library’s electronic journal database. . .

You can reach the Stolzenberg article online through the Lehman library’s electronic journal offerings. Simply click on ‘Find electronic journal by title’, then type ‘harvard law review’ in the search box. Pick a particular retrieval system (I tend to use JSTOR, since I’m familiar with it, but use whichever system you like), then, if prompted (as you will be with JSTOR), sign in to the system. Then scroll and click as needed until you reach the correct edition (volume 106, number 3), then either download the pdf, or simply click on the article title and start reading.

I love electronic databases: It gives you access to a tremendous amount of information from your computer, and without having to kill a forest to read what you want to read—or, for that matter, having to stand in front of a stupid copying machine, getting sick from the smell.


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