Questions for de quiz (LEH 300)

All right, as promised, the questions for the quiz: I’ll choose 20 questions from this list.

Again, all of the answers can be found in the online material; note that the ‘Stem Cell Basics’ document (in pdf) contains a glossary.

Finally, I’m not looking for long answers. Most of these questions can be answered in a word, a number, or a sentence; a couple questions may require more than one sentence.
1. What is a gene?
2. What is a genome?
3. What is an allele?
4. Where is DNA found?
5. How many chromosomes are contained in a cell of a member of Homo sapiens?
6. What are the base pairs in DNA?
7. What is the difference between sequencing and mapping?
8. What is a genotype?
9. What is a phenotype?
10. Name the four nucleotides found in DNA.
11. Approximately how many base pairs are there in a member of Homo sapiens?
12. Approximately how many genes are there in a member of Homo sapiens?
13. Which chromosome has the fewest number of genes?
14. What is a polymorphism?
15. What is the difference between a dominant and a recessive gene?
16. Which cells in the human body are haploid?
17. What is pluripotency?
18. What is differentiation?
19. What is transdifferentiation?
20. What is a feeder cell layer?
21. What are the three characteristics unique to all stem cells?
22. What is an embryonic stem cell and what can it do?
23. What is an adult or somatic stem cell and what can it do?
24. What is an induced pluripotent stem cell and what can it do?
25. What is regenerative medicine?
26. What is a germ cell?
27. What is a somatic cell?
28. What is somatic cell nuclear transfer?
29. Distinguish between in vitro and in vivo.


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