Shout out to TNC (266)

First, I’d like to recommend STRONGLY that y’all read Ta-Nahisi Coates’s blog (scroll down in the ‘Blogs’ section to find the link; it’ll open in a new window).

TNC is a fine writer who at times approaches the sublime, but what makes him really valuable is his curiosity, his willingness to question himself and reflect upon his own life. He can also be really funny. Furthermore, the commenters on his blog are terrific (disclosure: I do sometimes comment pseudonymously). TNC moderates the comments, so there’s no racist or hateful nonsense, and he has a low tolerance for ad hominen attacks.

Finally, the man lives in Harlem with his not-quite-wife and their kid, so he’ll occasionally write about NYC.

So check him out. Seriously.

Also, some stories:

AIDS matters; so too do diarrhea and other easily prevented or treated diseases.

Violence in the home might finally be recognized as reason for the US to grant refugee status abroad.

Did religion make her slash her husband?

Alice Dreger continues to think aloud about sex identity, intersex individuals, and sport.

Can’t forget the naked hiker stories now, can we? Here’s one, about a dog who spent money while his humans slept.

Finally, the wonderful Maira Kalman, on the nation’s Capitol; if you like the graphic arts, I highly recommend Kalman. (And if you don’t, well, check her out, and maybe you will!)



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I teach political science and bioethics as an adjunct at a CUNY school.
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