LEH 300: Bioethics course schedule

How this works: While the bulk of class time will be given over to discussion, there is a fair amount of reading, both online and in books, required for the course. It is recommended that you read the material prior to class, so that you can participate fully in the discussions.

Required reading (books available at the bookstore or online):
Michael Ruse and Christopher Pynes, eds. The Stem Cell Controversy, 2006, 9781591024040
Liza Mundy, Everything Conceivable, 2008, 9781400095377

You will also be required to read selections from online readings, listed on the back, and linked on the website. These readings are <in brackets>; and a number require AdobeReader.

Course requirements:
Attendance & participation: 20%
Science quiz, February 25: 20%
Two papers (2500-2750 words each, due April 8 & May 13, respectively): 60%

Papers MUST be in hard-copy format: no electronic copies will be accepted—NO EXCEPTIONS.
Class 1 January 28: Introduction; A bit of background. . .
Class 2, February 4: Into the cell!
*<Dept of Energy Human Genome Project Information: The science behind the HGP>
*<National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI): Deoxyribonucleic acid>
*<National Bioethics Advisory Commission, Ethical Issues in Human Stem Cell Research, Vol I, ch. 2>
*<National Institutes of Health (NIH): Stem Cell Basics>
*<President’s Council on Bioethics (PCB), Monitoring Stem Cell Research, ch. 4>
*Suggested: <NHGRI Chromosomes; A Brief Guide to Genomics; Genetic Mapping; A Brief History of the Human Genome Project>

*February 18: Monday schedule—NO CLASS*

Class 3 February 11 Cells, stem cells, and embryos
*<PCB, Reproduction and Responsibility, ch. 2 §I; ch. 3 §I; ch 4 §I; ch. 5 §I>
Class 4 February 25 So, how to think about all this?                Science quiz
*<The Belmont Report>
*<NBAC, Ethical Issues, Vol I, ch 4>
*<PCB, Monitoring Stem Cell Research, ch 3 >
Class 5 March 4 Ethics and stem cells
*Ruse & Pynes (R&P) Stem Cell Controversy, chs. 11-12, 14-15, 18, 22
Class 6 March 11 Religion and stem cells
*<NBAC, Ethical Issues, Vol III Religious Perspectives>
*R&P, ch. 20
Class 7 March 18 Stem cell policy: history
* <NBAC, Ethical Issues, Vol I, ch. 3>
*<PCB, Monitoring, ch 2; appendices B,C, and D>
*R&P, chs. 2, 13, 23, 24
Class 8 March 25 Assisted reproductive technologies: why?
*Mundy, prologue, chs. 1-4
*<PCB, Reproduction & Responsibility, ch. 2 §II>

*Spring Break March 29-April 5*

Class 9 April 8 ART, variations and complications                Paper 1 due
*Mundy, chs. 5-9
*<PCB, Reproduction & Responsibility, ch. 3 § II>
Class 10 April 15 Variations & complications, cont.
*Mundy, chs. 10-13
*<PCB, Reproduction & Responsibility, ch. 4 §II>
Class 11 April 22 Complications, and then some
*Mundy, ch. 14, epilogue
*<PCB, Reproduction & Responsibility, ch. 5 §II; ch. 6 – all>
Class 12 April 29 Policy! Ethics! Policy!
*<NIH Guidelines on Human Stem Cell Research>
*R&P, chs. 17, 26-28
Class 13 May 6 Policy! Ethics! Policy—or not
*R&P, ch. 16
*<PCB, Reproduction & Responsibility, ch. 2, §III; ch 3. §III; ch 4 §III, ch. 5 §III>
*Suggested: <PCB Monitoring, appendix E>
Class 14 May 13 How to think, what to do                    Paper 2 due


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