Pol 266: Maps! Maps! Maps!

The University of Texas, Austin’s Perry-Casteñeda’s Library contains a terrific online collection of maps, which you access here. Poke around—it’s a great way to waste time!

For our course purposes, I direct you to the following [set of] maps in particular:

Click on any of the maps to zoom in.

All of these maps, by the way, are taken from the 1923 edition of William Shepherd’s Historical Atlas. Again, dive into his collection to see what you can see.



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I teach political science and bioethics as an adjunct at a CUNY school.
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  1. Monique Alexandre says:

    Comments on the videos for extra points

    Monique Alexandre


    These videos are some very interesting open debate. I believe human right is crucial in a society in order for people to feel protected with respect. Although researchers can save lives with their expertise but, they also cause a lot of damage in the world. They can do extraordinary things in the world like it would be very cool that the world had many different pieces in one human body or different kind of human on the earth but, like it or not, it is very important to do so with donors and receivers full acceptance. However, in the case of using the embryos stem cells mostly for research may consider as abuse. Can an unborn express him/herself? Would he/she always agree with the decisions that parents would take for him? That where the problem of the unfairness of those embryos came from. One destroyed their lives to save others. As the speaker of the video mentioned those little “angel” is just innocent. Therefore, I guess the angel deserves a chance. Humanity deserves a chance to live naturally.

    Everything is important, health care business, political, scientists but are we balance them to use them in a good way? Do one care about society anymore? What kind of world are we living in nowadays? Justice or injustice? Which one is exactly the speaker talking about? It seems we suffer more of injustice than having justice done mostly the powerless ones. I have no answer for those questions. Nature need to breathe that people can live in peace.

    (the videos just disappeared after clicking on “leave a comment”….) anyway, hope you find it.

    Thank you, prof.

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