We’re baaaaaack! (228)(266)

It’s been awhile, so this should be a long and comprehensive post.

It won’t be.

More crumbs:

Everybody comes from somewhere: the Seinfelds in the New World.

Hip hop for the ummah in Harlem.

Old World, New World: Mix and match.

Those were the days: Putting people to work in the WPA.

Shadows and light: a Lower East Side church and slavery.

Dostoyevsky in New York: from Kiev to Brooklyn.

One of the best takes on the Supreme Court’s generally obtuse take on strip-searching 13-year old girls. If only there were more Ruth Bader Ginsburgs. . . .

There’s work, and then there’s work: from the fast lane to the dad lane.

There’s democracy, and then there’s democracy: da Mayor and control over schools.

A visual trip to Washington D.C.—a trip in all the best senses of the word!

And, for your further viewing pleasure, a cow in jeans genes, er, something like that:

National Human Genome Research Institute

National Human Genome Research Institute

That’s a shot of Dominette and her calf. The Heresford cow is the first to have her genome decoded.

Hey, I got a soft spot for cows. It’s a Wisconsin thing.


About proftp

I teach political science and bioethics as an adjunct at a CUNY school.
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