Grammatically incorrect (228)(266)

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What a surprise: It’s teh wimmins fault, complain the Taliban.

Why are teh wimmins the weaker sex? Maybe because so many don’t get enough to eat.

As Matthew noted, dem pigs iz sick—and making us sick.

Ah, the glorious muck of politics sticks to even the most severe of puritans.

Free Tibet! cries Woeser-the-poet-blogger.

More Abu Ghraib detainee photos to be released; I’ll post a link once they’re available.

The only good news in this story is that someone has been charged in the child’s death.

No good news in two little boys hanging themselves.

Teenaged child-killer now an adult in juvenile detention—got that?

Oh, I’m definitely gonna read this book: Evangelical politics, anti-abortion activism, and deliberative democracy. Oh, yeah.

Brooklyn represents! An architectural/archeological/anthropological mystery in Bed-Stuy.

Yo, Bronx: Your turn!


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I teach political science and bioethics as an adjunct at a CUNY school.
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