Everybody safe?

I hope everyone is safe and secure; my cats and I made it through in Brooklyn just fine.

As you know, Lehman was closed Monday and today and will be closed tomorrow, and we won’t know until Wednesday if the campus will be open on Thursday.  The best case scenario is that the campus is open and trains running on Thursday, but if not, well, we’ll deal with it.

We are New Yorkers, after all, and we gotta represent!

As for course schedules, if we meet on Thursday I’ll simply try to cram in two days’ worth of lectures into one day; if we don’t meet until next week, we’ll pick up with next week’s readings and go from there.

American government students: If we meet on Thursday we will NOT have a quiz. If we don’t meet, I’ll offer the quiz on the presidency for the following Tuesday, and either drop the quiz on the bureaucracy entirely or combine it with that of the judiciary.

Stay tuned, and stay safe.


About proftp

I teach political science and bioethics as an adjunct at a CUNY school.
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