Back to class!

Hello all! Again, I hope you and your loved ones are all safe and sound—and that you are ready for class on Tuesday. Whoo hoo!

As I mentioned in the last post, the general strategy will be: onward! Keep up with the reading on the syllabus, and expect some pell-mell lectures in an effort to get us all caught up. Now, as to specific courses:

Pol 150: We’ll squeeze the immigration discussion into Tuesday and the Big Govt/taxation issue on Thursday.

And don’t forget: While you don’t have high-school on Tuesday, Lehman classes are being held.

Pol 166: No quiz on Tuesday. We’ll run through bureaucracy on Tuesday and Judiciary on Thursday. Some of this may bleed into the following week, and we’ll make adjustments to the quiz schedule as makes sense.

Leh 300: Those of you who can, please hand in the papers on Tuesday; the general deadline, however, is extended to November 13.

And everyone who is eligible: Don’t forget to vote on Tuesday!

See you then.


About proftp

I teach political science and bioethics as an adjunct at a CUNY school.
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