Pol 266: Politics & culture, essay 2

Hi all. I just got a question on how to approach the second set of essay questions, and decided to share my suggestions:

As to how to approach the questions, well, the readings should help, as the Qutb/Hyde (remember, you need only read one of the two), the McClay, all of the readings from Okin’s Multiculturalism book, and Antigone, go to the general issue of the appropriate balance between cultural and political authority. The Qutb/Hyde & McClay readings are likely to be of more help for the first question, the readings from the Okin book for the second, Antigone for either/both, and the Coates readings for the third.

Now, you can use the readings however you want, but this approach seems pretty straightforward, and gives you plenty—but not too much—to work with for each question.

I also want to add: don’t forget about lecture—we covered this these questions (in various ways) during our discussions.

And a reminder of the questions themselves:

[Major] How ought political authorities negotiate amongst ethnic & religious cultures?
[Major] Should the same rules or laws apply to everyone, or should there be different rules for different groups?
[Minor] How does your own understanding of our culture(s) affect how you view cultural claims for political exemptions?

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I teach political science and bioethics as an adjunct at a CUNY school.
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